The holiday of Chanukah is enjoyed for 8 exciting days. Coincidence?


Summer at Camp Emunah is enjoyed for 8 exciting weeks. We don’t think so...

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What is Candles4CampersWhat Is

Join Candles4Campers in giving children from underprivileged homes the Chanukah gift that will last a lifetime!

Menorah with a Mission

Every $360 contribution will light one candle on our Menorah.

Every candle on our Menorah represents one week of fun at Camp Emunah.

Every day throughout Chanukah, the mission will be to sponsor the amount of candles corresponding to that particular day.

We can do it – you can help!

In the times of the Maccabees, a special miracle from Hashem kept the oil of the menorah burning for all 8 days. This Chanukah, we are confident that your support will do just the same!

Happy Chanukah!

If you wish to contribute with cash or check please email or call 718­.735.0226

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